Behind the Scenes: “Protect me from what I fear”

When you hate the cold as much as I do, the idea of an outdoor fashion shooting in February holds little appeal. In Berlin of all places, where winter winds come howling in straight from the Siberian tundra. Looking back, though, I decided to withdraw all previous complaints.

Dear Rosina – long-term partner for artistic experiments, personal friend and, at the time, fashion design student at UdK Berlin – coaxed me into this. So we ventured forth into a desolate frozen place beyond the edge of time to stage her creations in a befitting environment and suitable atmosphere.

Surprisingly, it was really fun. And suffering, too, obviously. Particularly for the poor models. Come to think of it, this may be a universally valuable skill for any aspiring artist: motivating people to do crazy things – and making them enjoy the process.

In my portfolio you can find the gallery with the actual results of our expedition. You can also feast your eyes (or even get your hands) on a little magazine publication that visualises the whole artistic process behind the project.