haruki – a teaser, no more

This little experiment was created way back on a warm summer day in the vicinity of Berlin. Dear Galina Andreeva in front of the camera, me behind during my first encounter with a gimbal. Turned out to be a rather steep learning curve, but we all have to start somewhere, don’t we?

Not entirely surprising, I was not satisfied with the results – so there will never be more of this project than this teaser. And that’s fine: it was fun, interesting and a first step towards learning new things that came in handy later on.

I still feel like sharing this here. In the spirit of not only publishing things we are halfway proud of, but also some of the steps that take us there. It is also always a pleasure to see more of Galina, so: you’re welcome.

Costumes kindly provided by Maria Bohn. Music title “Haruki” used with kind permission by the artist Alice Phoebe Lou. Check her out.