Dance for All

» Our mission is to provide children in historically disadvantaged communities with the opportunity for enjoyment, empowerment and the promotion of self-esteem through the medium of dance, as well as training professional dancers and developing a unique, indigenous dance company. «

Dance for All – Mission statement in 2020

Dance for All is a remarkable project in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded in 1991, still in the days of apartheid, by Cape Town City Ballet principals Phylis Spira and Philip Boyd, it always aimed at bringing dance to underprivileged children living in non-white townships.

Over the course of a three month visit to Cape Town, I had the pleasure to join and document numerous Dance for All activities – from outreach programs and community teaching to rehearsals and performances.

This gallery features a kids class held in a primary school in the township of Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Discover more precious captured moments in the Dance for All galleries.