Privacy Policy

We compiled this Privacy Policy to explain to you what kind of data we collect, why we collect it – and what your rights and possible choices are as visitor and user of this website.

Automatic Data Storage

This site does not create web server log files to automatically store data about users or usage.


We deliberately decided not to use cookies on this site that store any personal information about users.

Your Rights according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Based on the GDPR you have the following rights:

If you have questions or want to make use of any of the above rights, get in touch via

Analysis of User Behaviour

The visits of this website are tracked and analysed via the non-commercial open source web analytics tool Matomo (previously known as Piwik). This analysis serves to optimise user experience and improve the usability as well as technical aspects of the website.

All data is completely anonymised prior to being stored. Although they offer higher data quality, we decided not to use cookies for analytics purposes to fully protect your privacy. Browser settings that reject the tracking of visits („Do not track“) are of course respected.

Matomo is operated directly on our web server. The recorded data is consequently only at our disposal and under our complete control. At no point are analytics or tracking data – not even in anonymised form – shared with any third parties such as Google, Adobe, etc.

Here you can opt-out of our tracking via Matomo specifically:

You may choose to prevent this website from aggregating and analyzing the actions you take here. Doing so will protect your privacy, but will also prevent the owner from learning from your actions and creating a better experience for you and other users.

TLS-Encryption via https

We use https for a secure transmission of data, a decision also inspired by Art. 25 GDPR. By using the TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption protocol we can ensure the safe transmission of data on the internet. You can verify the active use of this secure technology by seeing a little lock icon in the address bar of your browser and/or by checking that our site’s URL starts with https rather than http.