My very first attempt at capturing dance in moving images. And the beginning of a new journey besides and beyond the photographic experiments.

The key facts: Born out of a spontaneous mood, created together with beautiful Catalan dancer and model Mireia Salip, based entirely on improvisation, shot on a single afternoon on my rooftop under a grey and heavy Berlin sky. Very long ago.

Capturing movement in moving pictures seems like a logical next step to me, and for quite a while now I am intrigued to explore and develop my filmmaking skills. In many ways a completely new and challenging adventure, and I still have a lot to learn. The planning, preparations and logistics required alone are quite intimidating compared to the little intimate photo sessions that I am used to.

Nevertheless, over the years a few steps have been taken that can be discovered here under the moving pictures category. A new major project is currently in post production and I am looking forward to sharing it soon. Once it seems justified, a new “film” page will be added to this site, too. This has to be earned, though…